Saturday, April 27, 2013

What is Juice Cleansing?

Well to Juice cleanse or juice fast as it is more commonly known, is for people who want to loose weight but get all the minerals, nutrients and vitamins the body needs in a drink without having to eat. If your not new to juice fasting, but just need some recipes, check this site for some juice cleanse recipes.

When people do this they will generally fast for 1 day, 3 days, 5 days or 7 days. It is possible to loose a lot of weight by doing this, but i must stress that you have to follow the recipe guidelines properly. Starving your body can be very dangerous, so it is important that your body still gets the much needed minerals, nutrients and vitamins.

The most difficult part many face after juice cleansing is keeping the weight off. When you loose weight so quickly it is very easy to go back to old habits. So for a newbie i would suggest doing a one day fast once a week and build it up. Then create new lifestyle habits, so that when you reach your desired weight you can find it easier to stick to your new habits.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why a Ninja Blender?

One of the funnest parts of my life is cooking, its even more fun when, its over in minutes! Get the sarcasm?! No i don't mind it that much, but if i can speed up the preparation time than all is good. So i did a search on the internet and found a website that has got lots of recipes for the ninja 1100 blender click here to view it. I own a ninja blender i haven't used it as much as i should, but its a great blender.

My dad always told me, you know when you have a great blender if it can crush ice easily. Boy can this crush ice, even the biggest cubes it demolishes, within minutes. Its great for cocktails and smoothies.

I did some research before i bought my blender though, i didn't want to buy one which was rubbish. I was told to look at the Ninja range, so i did! Lol i didn't do that research, after having a look at the Ninja 1100 i bought it. Its very powerful 1100 of wattage, the higher the power the better the blender, if you buy a blender you want the wattage to be over 500, so 1100 kills that!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello and Welcome to my blog!

I have created this blog for a few reasons, mainly to make money as the name of the blog suggests. How can we make money i here you ask?

Well the easiest way is to create niche sites, and cover them with affiliate ads or Adsense ads. To find such niches, i use a program called Long Tail Pro. With this program you can put in your seed keywords and Long Tail Pro will churn out some long tail keywords. You can then check how competitive the keyword is and choose whether or not to go for it.

You then want to check if the EMD Exact Match Domain is available, for example say the keyword you choose is "Maxi Dresses on Sale" you would see if,.org, or .net is available. If it isnt don't worry as Google doesnt boost EMD's anymore so go for a partial match. A partial match would be

You probably wondering if Google doesnt give EMD a boost anymore why go for them? Well as part of a natural link profile, you will want some backlinks with your main keyword obviously, some genric and some with just your url. Your url will have the keywords in so just getting backlinks with your url as anchor will help rank your website.