Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello and Welcome to my blog!

I have created this blog for a few reasons, mainly to make money as the name of the blog suggests. How can we make money i here you ask?

Well the easiest way is to create niche sites, and cover them with affiliate ads or Adsense ads. To find such niches, i use a program called Long Tail Pro. With this program you can put in your seed keywords and Long Tail Pro will churn out some long tail keywords. You can then check how competitive the keyword is and choose whether or not to go for it.

You then want to check if the EMD Exact Match Domain is available, for example say the keyword you choose is "Maxi Dresses on Sale" you would see if,.org, or .net is available. If it isnt don't worry as Google doesnt boost EMD's anymore so go for a partial match. A partial match would be

You probably wondering if Google doesnt give EMD a boost anymore why go for them? Well as part of a natural link profile, you will want some backlinks with your main keyword obviously, some genric and some with just your url. Your url will have the keywords in so just getting backlinks with your url as anchor will help rank your website.