Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why a Ninja Blender?

One of the funnest parts of my life is cooking, its even more fun when, its over in minutes! Get the sarcasm?! No i don't mind it that much, but if i can speed up the preparation time than all is good. So i did a search on the internet and found a website that has got lots of recipes for the ninja 1100 blender click here to view it. I own a ninja blender i haven't used it as much as i should, but its a great blender.

My dad always told me, you know when you have a great blender if it can crush ice easily. Boy can this crush ice, even the biggest cubes it demolishes, within minutes. Its great for cocktails and smoothies.

I did some research before i bought my blender though, i didn't want to buy one which was rubbish. I was told to look at the Ninja range, so i did! Lol i didn't do that research, after having a look at the Ninja 1100 i bought it. Its very powerful 1100 of wattage, the higher the power the better the blender, if you buy a blender you want the wattage to be over 500, so 1100 kills that!